Open Sun

The Open Sun 1050 features 30 perfectly aligned high-pressure UV units with a unique design aimed at providing an open-air feeling through A.R.T (advanced reflective tanning). The bed features options for personalized music, innovative cockpit design, mood lighting, and enhances your tanning experience through an ergonomically designed spacious tanning tunnel.


The Prestige 1100 features 52 Dynamic Power 200-watt UV lamps, 4 520-watt facial tanners with glass reflector system, 3 UV-B 15-watt facial tanners, with 5 settings facial tanner output adjustments and 2 High-Pressure 240-watt shoulder tanners. This new blockbuster tanning system has a separate, air-conditioned base acrylic cooling system with body ventilation, additional separately adjustable face ventilation with temperature controlled... plus an Aqua Mist and Aroma spa system!


The real attention getter is on the inside. Step on the elevated platform within the patented 5.5 sided design and surround yourself in the world's first and only Ultra High Performance 250 watt tanning system. The 250 MAX comes with 54 proprietary 2-meter sunlamps from Cosmedico that deliver more UVA imaginable and the darkest tan possible in only 7 minutes!

Ambition 300

The strength of the Ambition 300 is evidenced by its use of 40 genesis technology turbo power lamps, high-pressure facials and surround tan design. These exclusive, patented high-pressure units deliver enhanced UV transmission for a deep, even facial tan.


The new CYCLONE HP delivers high pressure performance that could only come from a Sun Capsule. The real secret to this amazing machine is in its unique filter glass that amplifies the UVA output to unprecedented levels, generating a rich dark tan in as little as 10 minutes or less! As with all Sun Capsules, the cooling system is over the top, the Cyclone HP is the only “sweat free” vertical tanning system ever developed.


This engineering marvel is equipped with a powerful system-wide internal a/c unit, efficiently ventilated to ensure that maximum cooling flows across the Contoured Body Wave Acrylic surface. The full time for this bed is a maximum of 12 minutes. This bed does offer a combination tanning of UVA and UVB (tanning and burning) rays on the body, and a higher ratio of UVA (tanning) rays on the face.

Sun Dash 240

Level II 15 Minute Bed / 40 Bulbs / 170 watt bulbs on the canopy and 120 watt bulbs on base. Adjustable body cooling fan, with controls at your fingertips.