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We're sorry to see you go! We're making cancelling and freezing of your membership as easy as possible. To get started, fill out the required fields below and click the submit button when completed. All fields are required when requesting to cancel or freeze your membership, otherwise your request may be invalid and may not be processed.

If you want to keep your current pricing and avoid signing back up and paying full price, we give you the option to freeze your membership. With the freeze option, you will be charge $5 per month instead of your normal rate. This $5 is refunded back to you in Sizzle Bucks when you return. You will be able to use these Sizzle Bucks towards lotions, upgrades, etc. Remember to type "freeze" in the form section below to freeze your memebership.

You will be contacted by one of our membership service staff to confirm your cancellation or membership freeze. Thank you for choosing Sizzle Tans. Hope to see you again soon. Click here to return to Sizzle Tans home page.

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